The True story of You


Documentary Family Photography // your home // travel destinations.

Lisbon, Portugal and worldwide.

These are the photographs you will want to keep and pass on to the next generation.

You won't hear me say how to pose or wear matching colors.

If you laugh it won't be bacuse I told you so.

It's better if you don't look into the camera at all.

Let yourself be


I capture real life momenents of real families like yours and the magic of

tiny yet meaningful gestures,

unspoken words,

emotions on your faces,

which are the genuine essence of


Your Family!

"Incredible how Edyta captured our emotions and distinct personalities of our sons.
Priceless memories in gorgeous photographs. Thank you!"
Kasia M.

Your life as it is now will soon
be gone and the memory of it will
fade away.

Happy, funny, sad,
and everything in between.

Let me preserve your family life

right now.
To cherish it forever.

Your kiddo's favorite toy,
their milk-teeth smile,
authentic moments of connection.

For you and your kids.
A day in the life. Your life.

My early childhood feels a bit like a lost identity.

I can't recall much.

Though I loved stories my parents told me about how I was little


I wish I had photographs


of us together.

Now I make sure my kids
(and I when I'm too old to remember)
have access to their early childhood.

I can do the same for your kids.



"We resent kitsch and posed shots and documentary session was exactly what we needed. Edyta captured everything most precious to us. These emotions will stay forever in the album. For once I am waiting for the time to pass until the next session with Edyta."
Karolina G.

This could be your home


or anywhere Liverpool or Rome


Family Stories sessions take place at your home or other place that is meaningful to you.

And yes, quoting song lyrics or lines from movies is something I sometimes just can't resist.

If you'd love your session to take place somewhere really special

where you recharge and feel happy.

Have me book a ticket to that place and let's create a story
about your whole family together having the time of your lives.

I am more than ready to


travel wherever you are!

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