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Your life is better than the best pose

and there are no retakes to this

Timeless storytelling

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A picture is worth a thousand words they say. It's true about great photographs.

A good story can be told in less than 10 images.


When it comes to me I'm an obsessive-compulsive shooter (*wink). Often times I look at something and try to figure how to best capture it. Next thing I want to capture it. Guess how many external drives of 4TB I have? I'm not cold blooded enough to cull my images. If I have two nice ones but only slightly different I'll keep both.


Sounds familiar? If you're into storytelling and documentary photography and don't mind too many photographs please visit my Blog. Those stories might be longer that 10 images but I believe they will keep you entertained.

Now booking summer 2020!

I would love to hear from you if you interested in knowing more or if you are ready to book.