you value photography

take lots of pictures yourself

for life is always changing


but it's hard to create and be part of the creation at the same time


your're out of the frame

though you belong in there


I'm here to make

a story of your family




the least stressful


family session ever. Even those who are not fond of family photoshoots confirm. The only thing you must do is to be at a given place, at a given time.




in the very centre of your universe, that is your home. Can you imagine a better background for your session than the table you sit at to have a family dinner or the bed your kids crawl into on Sunday mornings?


if not at home then...


maybe somewhere very special. Do you like spending your time off on the beach, in the park or just hanging out in the city? Me too and what's more I love travelling (see BLOG). I am ready to travel wherever you are.



Documentary / Storytelling


I am a documentary and storytelling family photographer. There's nothing posed or directed during my sessions. You lead the way and it's the only right way to do it. The photographs you receive will be edited. That means you get images that represent my style but it also means they will be put into a sequence to form the whole. You will get the visual story that has a plot and rhythm to it. Unlike a random collection of images. This makes my photography a whole lot more powerful and different from what other family photographers typically offer.

soon to be gone

Mini Session


30 minute session which captures a milestone, a meaningful experience or an activity that is part of your life right now.


Ideal to document breastfeeding or weaning, details like those teeny tiny feet, first steps, blowing out the the first candle, relationship with the grandparents or just you being together. You name that one thing. Up to 30 minutes of coverage.


15 high resolution images


150 EUR

family documentary session

The True Story of You


2 hour session documenting your everyday happenings. A morning of afternoon frozen in time shot at home or other location that's meaningful to you.


There's a certain rhythm to your life when you're a parent. That rhythm changes every once in a while. Suddenly something that filled up your entire time and space vanishes and you enter the next phase. Let's document that before the change happens.


60-80 high resolution images


350 EUR

call it a day

A Day in the Life


This session that lasts from the morning until you kiss them goodnight. Up to 8 hours of coverage.


One day is like a drop of water magnifying your moment in life. The many shades of childhood and parenting in a day. Ideal for the family wishing to remember all the nuances of everyday life and celebrate the here and now. In-home, out and about, and wherever your day may lead us.


150-200 high resolution images


850 EUR

four seasons

A Year in the Life


4 two-hour sessions each one shot every three months to document your life in one year.


One year is a blink of an eye and can change just about everything in your life. Let me take you on a journey to capture your newborn becoming a toddler with you by their side. Things you will always want to remember. A chronicle of your family.


200-240 /50-60 from each session/ high resolution images


1,250 EUR

Travel Documentary Family Session

available in all the above packages

except for a mini session.

travel and accommodation costs are not included, please ask me about a custom quote

a non-refundable retainer of 100 EUR is required to secure your booking

Make prints!


I can't stress it enough how important it is to print your photographs. Hard drives run out of free space. Each time we get a new phone or a laptop pictures of our dear ones become inaccesible or we forget where to find them.


You don't need to worry about choosing the right kind of paper or a cover for your album.

No need to waste your time on finding different options.


Let me do it for you. I work with the best.


I will show you samples of paper, textiles or vegan leather for your album. You can pick what you like as well as the images or I can do everything for you.

Just wait for the final product.



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